Sunday, January 25, 2009

Army of Fucking Cute

God Damn, I can not update this blog for shit.
I geuss college kids really are lazy as fuck.

Anyway, yesterday I came into possession of what seems to be the absolute cutest crochet book ever. ( Look Left)

& I am obsessed. It's all that annoyingly cute amiguri shit, except that it's zombies and vampires and wacky shit like that.

I seriously can't wait...
I already started Nosferatu, who, if you have never seen the book for the movie, is this old school vampire who looks like a future pedophile. ( Next Image)

Gaaah, I am so fucking excited for this.

Now, although the book is cute, the thing it most did was inspire me to make an army of these little things, but with my own twist.
So, I think the first one coming off the assembly line after Nosferatu is gonna be a mini Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Same Shit, Different Year

I've been busy.

Having a moderately drunk new year's eve, I decided to stay drunk until I had to return to school. That way, I could avoid responsibility until I was back at school, were I would also, embedded by alcohol,successfully avoid responsibility a little more.

Well, it didn't work.
So, to pass the time I knitted more ugly shit.
The hat to your left is my first real try a intarsia.

It turned out to big, but whatever.