Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Homeless Outfit- "grunge hat"

Slouchy “Homeless outfit” Grunge Hat

What the hell is a “homeless outfit”?

It's the same nasty ass grungy clothing your ass wears all the time because it's comfortable. Almost everyone has some sort of “Homeless Outfit” even if it's just some ratty ass old sweatpants and your “Team Building Exercise '99” t-shirt. Whatever. You got one, I got one, no one gives a shit.

I made this hat for my “Homeless Outfit” so I could hide my gross ass hair underneath something.

Before We Begin:
I made this project to bust my stash, so there are roughly about 11 bits and pieces of yarn in this ugly thing.
Although it is primarily worsted weight material, there are some bulky yarns mixed in, as well as a spot of fingering weight, so there is no gauge.

No gauge.
Just wing that one, kid.
Also, this hat is slouchy, keep that in mind too.

What You Need:
-Size 5 DPN's
-Yarn- Either One Skien or bust your stash.
Keep in mind- No Gauge due to the bulkier yarns used, but if you use on type of yarn, use worsted.

So....this shit is mostly random as hell, but I will include a “key” of the colors I used for the “patterns” sake.
(( even though there isn't one...))
A- Color 1
B-Color 2
C-Color 3
D-Color 4
E-Color 5
F-Color 6
G- Color 7
H- Color 8
I-Color 9
J- Color 10

How To:
1. Cast on 75 st between the three DPN's with A
2. *K2, P2 to make 2x2 Ribbing.
3. *K2,P2
4. *K2,P2
5. *K2, P2
6. *K2, P2
7. * Change to color B, work in St st.
8. * Change to color C, work in St st.
9. *Work row in St st.
10. * Work row in St st
11. * Change to D, work in St st.
12. *Work row is St.
13. * Work row in St.
14. * Work row in St.
15. * Change to E, work in St st
16. *Change back to D. Yo, K2tg.( Still, only 75 st at the end of this)
17. *Change to F. K every stitch.
18. * Change to G, work row.
19. *Change to B, work row
20. *Change to E, work row
21. * Using D and F, work 2stitches in each color all along the row. Take care to watch the floats.
22. * Change to G, work row.
23. * Change to H. Yo, k2tg
24. *Change to B. K every stitch.
25. *Change to E, work row.
26. *Change to I, work row.
27. * Change to F, work row.
28. * Change to J, work row.
29. * Yo, K2g
30. *Switch to I, work row.
Start Decreases:
31. * Using F, k 7 st K2tg.
32. * Switch to H, K row.
33. *Using E, k 6, K2tg
34. * work row
35. *Switch to B, K5, K2tg
36. *Switch to E, K row
37. * Switch to B, K4, K2tg
38. * Work row.
39. *Switch to E, K3, K2tg
40. *Knit row
41. *K2, K2tg
42. *Knit Row
43. *K1, K2tg
44. *K2tg
45. Bind Off

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Kelly said...

Hi! I found your blog via your new pattern in Ravelry and noticed you've had no comments on your blog. That sucks, because your projects are pretty damn cool.
My favorite is the homeless outfit hat.
Btw, my homeless outfit happens to be my knit pajamas, which I usually wear everywhere that's not important on days I'm not working. I'm going to have to make one of these here homeless hats to go with them, because my hair usually looks homeless on those days, too.

Keep it up!